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  • Today I was curious to see if there is a RotT Wiki... and its discovery comes with a nice surprise too. Nice to see you here :)

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    • The surprise is mutual, nice to see a familiar face who appreciates this game. Like the Heretic Wiki, most of the pages have been created and properly laid out (sans the remake), but just need the information filled in.

      I'm not sure if you were just checking the place out or planned to be an active contributor, but it would be nice to have some company on here at least. :P

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    • I will try to add stuff here and there. I already did on the Developer Ball page.

      Yeah, RotT was one of the games I grew up with - played it almost as much as Doom. And I still do nowadays, thanks to good ol' DOSBox ;)

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    • This game definitely has a unique feel to it that I never found in other classic FPS's. Have you tried the WinROTT/WinROTT GL source port?

      I think it's about time for me to play through this again. Once legitimately, and another one with cheats so I can acquire some screenshots for the level articles.

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    • Ah yes, I've tried both of these ports and found them to be pretty decent, even though they had some bugs here and there. The addition of 3D models in the GL version was interesting - makes the game look more refined and realistic, but without being intrusive. Over the last few years, however, I find myself sticking to the vanilla version (in DosBox) - gives me that cool nostalgic feel. I played RotT quite a lot, so I associate it with numerous memories from the 1990's.

      It took me years to beat the game initially. First there was the NME boss, which took me months to beat (it's so hard!), and then El Oscuro that took me even longer to figure out the trick for making him flee the level. By that time I was desperate enough to search for cheats, but even they couldn't help - all I accomplished was to make the game crash :D

      I am making a little playthrough these days. After so many years of playing only as Doug Wendt, I finally decided to get some variety and play as Ian Paul Freely. Yeah, I can be that conservative about games. Currently at the Robotricks level, getting ready to face those evil shiny trashcans. They still make me nervous...

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